During 2016 we have been testing our product in order to ensure the quality expected of our raw material. We have seen it on rainy days, on sunny days, carrying weight, in the hands of children … and we have been able to verify its sweet aging. Our Lola collection is ready to be purchased by those who want to bet on a limited edition of a product which, like many others, have made it now to the market for the first time. In our case we have risked in investing in a raw material with great quality, in a market which often value little beyond a brand name. We have risked it because we want to get out of the circle where a brand name prevails the quality of a product.

Lola, is intended for a woman who does not need to show off because her sophistication and class speak for themselves. It is something intrinsic, something that cannot be bought, and something that one is born with. A woman who recognizes quality over a brand name, an innovative woman who is ready to set the trend. To this woman, we want to give her a unique wardrobe piece that accompanies her when she needs it and is versatile like herself.

The women who already own a Pepe Rega are delighted. And we are in turn pleased that they are satisfied with their acquisition. We eant to thank you for betting on us and for having such an overwhelming character in a world where ir is not easy not tu have yet a worldwide known brand name.