Dear friends, this summer we have strolled through those lands where the history of our designer was born. It has left us some beautiful and wonderful photos where the strength and beauty of that land is perceived.

One of the cities that participated in planting the essential memories, as was said by Alegría in the well-known movie that I am sure you all know, is the one that appears in the next photo:


In this street, the memories of the day of the “Immaculate Conception” and of learning to play the bandurria. On this day, our designer used to walk through these streets to go watch the people dancing the “seises” at the cathedral, and listen to the sharp and fresh voices of the Escolania. Together with her father she sat by the organ, where she enjoyed the peace and quiet during the few minutes in which those children danced in a carefully rehearsed way. After cultivating the spirit, it was necessary to look after a more earthly part, but nonetheless less important, the palate. They used to go to Dona Frasquita to buy little cakes, to take Aunt Conce on her saint day. The countdown began when Aunt Conce would say: “take one” and you would then breathe easier because they had decided to open the pastry box of cakes rather than put them away in the refrigerator for later.

She would also walk through this street to go play the bandurria next to a butane stove in the winter afternoons. The teacher was “Don Candido” who had been a maestro in the art of playing the guitar, a noble instrument, which was made with so much care and affection. There she also learned that the guitar that sounds the best is the one that was made with “palo santo”. I will nevertheless tell you that our designer much preferred to listen to the guitar over play its strings that hardened her fingertips.

Our designer would also run through these streets that were certainly less busy than now. Streets which have kept the same soil, the same look and feel, the very same way that we aim at manufacturing our products. Our collection LOLA is made of handmade leather meant to last a lifetime. I leave you herewith with a picture to prove that where there was fire there will always be ashes.